The 52 Week Photography Challenge

By March 17, 2016 March 24th, 2016 Photography, Special Projects

For 2016 I’m embarking on a visual challenge producing a photo per week.

The theme for each week was created by Dogwood photography. At the end of the year I’ll be compiling a video with similar moving images shot at the same time.

The weekly challenge will be in one of 3 categories:

Portrait: Portrait photography is really about capturing the essence of a person in an image. A portrait image can range from a classic portrait to candid, or from street photography to a selfie. Each time this category comes up we will dive into a different area of portrait photography. The main focus should always be a person/persons (or maybe a pet).

Landscape: In the context of the #dogwood52 photography challenge, this category is pretty broad covering both traditional landscapes, and some non-traditional areas such as urbanscapes. Don’t be afraid to really explore your surroundings in this category. If the focus is the environment you are in, it will qualify as Landscape in this category.

Artistic Impression: When this category comes up, you really have room to express yourself. You can interpret the assignment literally or figuratively. Unlike the other two categories that are more focused, the main focus of this category is to let your creativity shine.

The images will posted on my Instagram account @Retroyspective so please excuse the @’s and # tags in the copy below.

Welcome to my Journey for 2016.



Week 1 – A self portrait. This is the start of a #52weekchallenge in photography and just for good measure im taking a video shot of the same image to compile into a short movie at the end of the year. So ya, I dont take selfies but challenge accepted. The last pic is a selfie aswell so lets see what this face looks like in 365 days. Yes, this is my happy face.


Week 2 – Traditional Landscape. Dacre se Preekstoel or Dacre’s Pulpit. It’s tough only choosing 1 image per week especially seeing as ive been to numerous great locations this week with plenty of landscape opportunities. But this place has a cool story behind it , the rock over hang is situted on the Ceres side of Bains Kloof pass and has a clearence of only 3,4m. My father told me that my great grandfather was the first to try take a bus over the pass as some sort of shortcut and then realised that it didn’t fit inder the rock, so with some ingenuity and a little help from the passengers he dropped the tyre pressure and they just squeezed under it. Seems like taking risks and intuitive short cuts still runs in the family


Week 3 – Anything Red that inspires me. I dont think its the status, cost or cool factor that inspires me now, it definitely did as a kid. Knowing what I know now about the history of #ferrari, the engineering and design genius that goes into every single one of thier cars – now its the legacy of a great brand that inspires me. I was lucky enough to visit the factory in 2011, but this was taken in Capetown


Week 4 – a portrait. Meet Shannon aka @ubuntubaba aka Fuzz. Shannon loves sunflowers and yesterday also happened to be our 7 year anniversary. So who better to take a portrait of even if she wasn’t that keen on it (hence the profile shot) Shannon is smart-Be like Shannon.


Week 5 – A B&W landscape with contrast. I dont think you can find a more contrasting landscape than #tablemountain on a clear summers day. We are so used to this view that it almost becomes oblivious but when you stop and actually take a look it really is quite spectacular. Not a kak place to live


Week 6 – Artistic candy. There’s a liquorice allsort up for grabs! But the red bear is not having any of it, the yellow bear is apprehensive and the green bear, well he is going for it [ Morale of the story, if you want something important to you – then go get it regardless of what others think ] Be like the green bear – he is clever.


Week 7 – a faceless portrait. Meet Kent , the guy hiding behind Desmond Tutu’s face on one of his custom @alphalongboards #skateboards that he hand shapes in #woodstock . This board was part of a series called local legends and is signed by Tutu himself. It’s probably the first pic Kent has ever posed for where you dont see his face, he is as much a local celebrity as a skateboarder/shaper/father with all the commercials and tv shows he appears in these days. So thanks Kent for hiding behind your craft this time ?


Week 8 – a panoramic landscape. Panoramic images are so cool, they can show you a 360deg view in a flat image. This one of the Capetown city bowl is around 180deg and is made up of 4 images stitched together in photoshop. Usually I would just use my phone’s pano function, but then where is the challenge in that


Week 9 – shadows. Always chasing the ball and wanting to be big. Its a kids life.

Kat prom

Week 10 – Portrait in a natural habitat. Running might not be @katlegomaboe ‘s natural habitat, being in front of a camera definitely is. He is training hard to complete his first half @2oceansmarathon . Together with @adidasza we are covering his journey in a video series that will be released soon.


Week 11 – Reflection. This week I’ve been documenting @sahmuraisword as he sets the bar by filming the @capeepic in 360 video. (The ball thing above his head contains 6 GoPro’s) Dimension Data have also broadcasted live images from his chestmount @gopro by bouncing the signal from the @heli_x_sa Helicopter. Best of all his teammates @bullsbikes 1 have been having a cracker of a week and have a significant overall lead. This really is one for the history books. Photography wise Its been a bit of a challenge trying to fullfill all my work obligations and still get a great shot for the #52weekchallenge


Week 12 – transportation. My version of #trainspotting with a bit of motion blur and a Lion for good measure. I dont have too much to say about trains other than I prefer them to cars and one of my favourite movies is based on a train ride , The Darjeeling Limited.