REBURN – Let Me In – Music Video

Let Me In – The latest single from Reburn
We set out to record a one shot video, all choreographed and shot in a single day. Read more to see the end result – we are quite proud of it.

Gear List

Canon 5dMK111
Samyang 35mm Cine Lens
DJI Ronin
Paralinks Wireless HD video transmitter
Redrockmicro wireless follow focus
Atmos Ninja 2 external recorder
Proudly supported by our gear supplier – Photohire
Scottie Moore
Quinton van Rooyen
Craig Hermanus
Alex McFarlane
Nicholas Oebell

Cameo Appearance:

Magician – Liam Riley
Backgammon – Manny Rodrigues / Ciro Ferrone
Dancer – Honick Tramoti
Swan Dancers – Bianca De Silva / Paula Cameiro

Director – Troy Davies
Director of Photography – Paul Charles
1st AD – Colleen Knox
Art Director – Jaimie Hull
Make Up – Thandi Steenkamp
BHTS – Jon Karam