#moonlightmass 22 July 2013

By July 23, 2013 Moonlight Mass

I haven’t attended a Moonlightmass in a while and decided to brave the cold and see how the event has evolved.
It all started because a friend of mine recently built and customised a single speed mountainbike and wanted to see what all the fuss is about, at the same time taking his new iron horse for a spin.

IMGL3715 Bert with his new custom singlespeed.

I must say, the organisation has changed dramatically, the first thing I noticed was the large amount of marshals on motorbikes and a Traffic Cop entourage which covered the front and rear of the field keeping everyone in check and helping get the field across some of the busier intersections.
My only negative comment is that when people are in a large group some of them seem to think the rules of the road dont apply and I witnessed one fool go through a red light and have a rather close call with a car. I hope that idiot has learnt his lesson as stupid riding like that will quickly undo all the good that events like this have done for bicycle commuters in Cape Town.
Even with the cold the turnout was spectacular and as usual everyone was having a awesome time, the highlight was the guy who had a megaphone and was playing “I want to ride my bicycle by Queen” at full blast while we all made our way up long street.

During the ride I managed to get a vantage point on the beach road and capture some frames along with a few pre ride images.
Enjoy and Ill see you at the next one.

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