Daisies 2014 in stills

By October 6, 2014 August 1st, 2015 Rocking The Daisies

So this year Daisies was a hit and run for us. We arrived at 7:30 on Saturday morning and were home by 10:30 that night, not exactly party animals … but still managed to grab some frames of the weird and wonderful people between filming our segment. It was a HOT and sunny day and for about 15 minutes that evening there was amazing light.


The main drag a little shorter than before with a new festival layout


Crystal Fighters – he had a fight with a Peacock. he won.


Mike getting his dutch tilt on


The dam was the most popular dancefloor by far this year, this was taken quite late on Saturday evening with the last few retreating back to camp.


Funny Guys backstage at the Savanna Lemontree theatre


What did I say about that amazing light…


Enjoying the last bit of sun at the dam


Wayne’s confused Foosball face… he’s still amped after wrapping his feature film on friday night.


veld warrior


High fives and hashtags? this dude has a go pro mounted in the nose of his furry animal hat. He is definately In contention to take the award for ultimate festival attendee


The not so rare bearded hipster


pouty poutynson


like, unreal…


front line in the trenches


DV haulin gear for the GKC, cant wait for the official Daisies edit from these guys.


Stop the bus bru!


So I took a pic of Ms Skinnymalink (I dont know her name) at Ramfest and then saw her again here so here you go, take 2. check out the Ramfest gallery in the portfolio to see the other image.


All they wanted was a rad photo, all he wanted was a photobomb – everyone kicked a goal! If you two blondies eventually find this pic send me a mail from my contact page for the rest of the pics.


late night madness in the vendor area, Aptly named – hippy vs the space time continuum


this dude loves purple stuff, just saying.


the hill


The Monkey Shoulder Nu World Beat Club had such cool lighting and stage decoration. 10/10 for the production team here.


Lost in a vortex


My highlight of the festival was the crowd going absolutely mental when the Springboks beat the Kiwi’s. it was a truly proudly South African moment.


AWEH! next level stoke


Vertical psychedelic caterpillars


Crazy lasers projecting images onto the hillside.


Main stage – you know who it is.



till next year – see ya