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Rocking The Daisies

Daisies 2014 in stills

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So this year Daisies was a hit and run for us. We arrived at 7:30 on Saturday morning and were home by 10:30 that night, not exactly party animals … but still managed to grab some frames of the weird and wonderful people between filming our segment. It was a HOT and sunny day and for about 15 minutes that evening there was amazing light. Read More

Rocking The Daisies 2012

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Rocking the daisies is a music festival held once a year at Cloof wine estate in Darling, a estimated 15000 people attended this years event. This video is a collection of time lapses during the course of the weekend that I took in-between filming for MK studio1 and streaming the festival live – luckily I had a few great camera positions back stage to add to the awesomeness of the festival itself – [angles ,angles, angles !]. Thanks to Paul Charles [PMC] for helping me out with the last shots after a very long weekend. Sit back and enjoy a awesome festival in fast forward.
This video was taken on a Canon 60d using the Magic Lantern firmware and a forced slow frame rate setting. Read More