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May 2012 – After becoming the South African junior longboard champion and with the West Coast Board Riders competition around the corner, the west coast surfing community joined forces to co-sponsor a new board for Tristan Lev, being an unsponsored surfer @ 13 years old it was great to be part of a crowd funding initiative and I hope that this sort of thinking grows throughout the surfing community helping more groms with their up and coming surfing careers.

A special thanks goes out to all the contributors ;

in no particular order >

Fabian Coetzer – Image Contributor – Fins
Jason Neeleman
Jamie de Jong
Christabel Garisch
Wickus Theron
Julian Oosthuizen
Tyron Kansley
Hayley von Alleman
Tyrone Jensen
Simon Korkie
Rodney Somogyvari
Dutchie Surf Designs – Shaper. dutchie.co.za
Sunset Surf – Equipment. sunsetsurf.co.za

Film & Edit
Retroyspective © 2012

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