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We tell your story from a different perspective. One that combines all the elements of video, audio and graphics, to create a rich cinematic experience for your audience.

Oakley X-Over

First Ascent Commercial

Nikon D810 Commercial

Oakley Journeymen

"We’ve had feedback from Oakley International and they are very impressed. Thank you for all your hard work, late nights and overall passion for making it come together… we can’t stop watching the videos!"

− Taryn Ryan, Oakley South Africa

"I personally thought the videos were fantastic. They had the perfect blend of slick professionalism and tongue in cheek humour."

− Dianne Makings, DraftFCB

"You have completely understood our vision for this film. Everyone at our office is completely overwhelmed with the professionalism of the filming and the post edit. I am so excited to start shooting the rest of them."

− Kirsten Gerber, Performance Brands

"I really appreciate your flexibility and hard work on this project. The final film went down like a storm at the conference and the CEO was very happy with the end product."

− Karin Lombard-De Kock, Ackermans

"You’ve got some serious talent and skills. The video is awesome. Way better than we imagined. This is the level that we need locally."

− Garan Reck, Monster Energy South Africa